Saturday, October 06, 2007

Progressive Opportunism

Riffat Hassan has written a letter to the puppet Musharraf complaining about his no longer being very supportive of the proggie-reactionary institute she founded in Pakistan to bring about an "Islamic Renaissance." Readers of this blog may remember that Riffat Hassan, in a fit of progressive hypocrisy, had defended puppet Musharraf when he had stated that women in Pakistan were bringing charges of rape to get a green card.

This particular letter by Riffat Hassan is revealing in many ways, because she talks about how she viewed Musharraf, and more importantly, why she had a positive view of this puppet: apparently this all had to do with the puppet's support for her bleak vision of Islam. A lot of what she describes has little to do with the Muslim umma, and more to do with her personally - i.e. when the puppet supported her personally, and her project, she was happy do be a puppet's puppet. Read the letter here..

Those who still hold out on the notions of Progressive Islam and Progressive Muslims (now mainly confined to the super elites of Muslim countries, and Ivy League Imperial Universities such as Harvard) really need to get a grip: As the name of this blog clarifies, Progressive Muslims are nothing more or less than friends of imperialism and neo-colonialism - their affiliation with puppets and with Imperialists have completely discredited them.

Yes, they still have some credibility amongst liberal-leftists, who can identify with the often Islamophobic, and stereotypical image of Muslims societies that these proggies love to perpetuate.