Monday, November 28, 2011

Who Is Husain Haqqani? *** Re-post

(Reposted given current events ... originally posted nearly three years ago... if only people had paid attention to this nefarious dude then...)

 The new Pakistan People's Party (US puppet) regime in Pakistan has nominated Husain Haqqani as the new Pakistan ambassador in Washington.

The question is whose interest is Haqqani going to represent?

Mr. Haqqani, is co-chair of Hudson Institute’s Project on Islam and Democracy" and a scholar with Hudson's Center on Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Muslim World.

The Center on Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Muslim World, launched in January 2006, is a think tank established at the Hudson Institute by Hillel Fradkin, a neocon and a signatory to a Project for a New American Century letter to the President equating the Palestinian Authority with Al Qaeda.

Click here for the center's web site
that is full of the usual neo-con type rants with an "intellectual" and "academic" face.

Haqqani has also been a guest speaker at Zionist outfits, such as the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs (JINSA), and at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's policy conference in March of 2007.

At the time when Daniel Pipes was nominated by Bush as member of the Board of Trustees of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) -- Mr. Husain Haqqani wrote an op ed piece in the Wall Street Journal to support his nomination, declaring Pipes as a respectable scholar of Islam and the Middle East.

Haqqani is co-founder with Stephen Schwartz (a good friend of Daniel Pipes), of the Institute of Islamic Progress and Peace (IIPP), an organization set up a couple of years ago "to fight Islamic extremism."

In December 2004 he (Stephen Schwartz) was touring with Husain Haqqani, a neocon connected Pakistani. In an article Schwartz was described as being the "executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Islamic Progress and Peace (IIPP)." "

"There's a silent Muslim majority internationally and in the U.S. that does not agree with the extremists who have taken control of many of the nation's mosques, say Schwartz and Haqqani. They are touring the U.S. in an effort to promote the IIPP, a new non-profit organization to combat Muslim extremism in the U.S."

Speaking in a meeting organized by the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland Haqqani said that Muslims throughouit the world are suffering from "judaphobia" and that the Saudis are drilling this into them. He said that 800 out of 1,200 American mosques are controlled by Wahabi extremists.

He also criticized the American Muslim leadership for making the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "as the core" issue; the core issue, according to Haqqani is Muslim backwardness. He said Edward Said was wrong to insist that the Jewish-Arab relations changed with the creation of Israel. "That’s not true. Pumping in hatred changed it," Haqqani claimed.

I don't think I need to say more.

***This blog entry is a modified version of an item that appeared on Angry Arab's blog - that was attributed to "A top expert on Pakistan, who does not want to be identified" - I did the "fact checking," found the web links, and added some additional information.