Monday, February 14, 2005

The Amina Wadud Controversy -updated.

Amina Wadud is on the advisory board of the Progressive Muslims Union of North America.

On Sunday, Febuary 6th, she gave a talk at the Noor Center in Toronto, that caused some controversy.

On Febuary 11th, Ahmed Nassef (the executive director of the Progressive Muslims Union of North America) publicized an article by Tarek Fatah (a member of the board of directors of the Progressive Muslims Union, North America) on his web site, "Muslim Wake Up" (MWU).

On Febuary 14th, Amina Wadud, amongst other things, had this to say about Tarek Fatah's article:

"My presentation, I believe, was fairly calm and yet direct. Unfortunately, it was misinterpreted by some of those who attended the meeting and some others who only know of the event by reading Tarek Fatah's article. The article, unfortunately, used the occasion for some of the author’s own agenda. That is why it emphasizes certain issues and statements and makes them seem more important than they were to me."
Click here to read the entire Amina Wadud's statement. This is a very good clarifying statement on this controversy, and is well worth reading.

And then, click here to read the ongoing debate on the PMU NA executive director (Ahmed Nassef)'s website, about which PMU NA board member, and advisory board member, said what, when, at exactly what time and for how long.

I sat with Amina Wadud after the event for two hours. Her statement is NOT what she discussed with me. At the dinner, she agreed 100% with me (Tarek Fatah).

(Is Harvard university still funding this outfit?)

Also, click here to read an excellent analyes of the event - taking race, gender, power, and context into consideration

And check out The Living Tradition Blog's entry on this controversy.

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