Sunday, April 20, 2008

war on Islam - Australia

Less than 12 months after the opening of the so-called ‘National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies’, this Centre has already utterly exposed itself as a Centre of Kufr. Its Directors call for secularism (the doctrine that the Laws of Almighty Allah have no relevance to daily life) with increased frequency, and several of the Centre’s leading figures are not even Muslims.

Read a full report/expose on this "center of excellence" here (pdf)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The UK govt. "Islam"

from the comments:

Just recently the UK version of "pro-regressive Moslem" phenomenon will launch with 2 organizations both bought and paid for by UK govt. funds:

the Quilliam Foundation, exposed here:

and the British Muslims for a Secular Democracy:

they are thinking of having Tarek Fatah and Magdi Alah as speakers!

See also "radical wrong way" - another UK govt. funded "moderate" group, that has (unfortunately) attract a number of traditionalists.

See also on Ed Husain (a rabid proggie)

"Ed Husain has also come under criticism for his support of the Iraq war and Tony Blair, coupled with his connections to the right wing of the Labour party. It is known that Ed associates with pro-war Blairites and pro-zionist factions within the party. His political affiliations, has led to criticisms, usually centering around his inaccurate relay of information when citing what he terms 'Islamists'. It has been claimed this is also due to his prior connections and interests, with Islamophobic think-tanks, such as the Centre for Social Cohesion."