Saturday, April 19, 2008

The UK govt. "Islam"

from the comments:

Just recently the UK version of "pro-regressive Moslem" phenomenon will launch with 2 organizations both bought and paid for by UK govt. funds:

the Quilliam Foundation, exposed here:

and the British Muslims for a Secular Democracy:

they are thinking of having Tarek Fatah and Magdi Alah as speakers!

See also "radical wrong way" - another UK govt. funded "moderate" group, that has (unfortunately) attract a number of traditionalists.

See also on Ed Husain (a rabid proggie)

"Ed Husain has also come under criticism for his support of the Iraq war and Tony Blair, coupled with his connections to the right wing of the Labour party. It is known that Ed associates with pro-war Blairites and pro-zionist factions within the party. His political affiliations, has led to criticisms, usually centering around his inaccurate relay of information when citing what he terms 'Islamists'. It has been claimed this is also due to his prior connections and interests, with Islamophobic think-tanks, such as the Centre for Social Cohesion."


Anonymous said...

salaam aleikum,

I think that more definitive connections can be made between both of the above organizations and the clear deviations from Islam of some Muslims and Muslim "sheikhs"/personalities themsevles.

Recall that in University campuses across the U.S., David Horowitz (and other former communists who are now rabid right wing neo-con crackpots) helped launch “Islamofascism Awareness Week”:

they brought in all of the usual suspects as speakers to “enlighten” the audience on the fears/danger of radical Islam and Muslims:
* Ayaan Hirsa Ali
* Walid Shoebat
* Wafa Sultan
* Irshad Manji
* Robert Spencer
* Daniel Pipes
* Nonie Darwish
the language they use in describing all of Islam is *exactly* the same language that “Ed” Hussain and Asim Siddiqui and their counterparts use in describing “islamism” or any supposes political manifestation of islamic beliefs in terms of political action.

What is peculiar here is that both the haters of all things Muslim/Islam and the secularizing modernists claim that the term “Islamofascism” was NOT invented by them but borrowed from Muslims "sheikhs". Specifically Stephen Schwartz claimed the following two people as a reference on his blog:

(1) Abdul Hakim Murad/TJ Winter (Scheduled speaker at launch of Quilliam Foundation):

“What Qutb fails to inform his vanguard, however, is that the code of conduct he subsequently elaborated in his commentary on the Koran matches that of Carrel much more than Muhammad’s own Traditions. The result is not an indigenous form of governance, but a Third World version of IslamoFascism.”

Abdel-Hakim Murad/TJ Winter commenting on Syed Qutbs tafseer of the Quran. Fi Zilal al-Qur’an (In the shades of the Qur’an)

(2) Hamza Yusuf:

“Yes, I think there is a real risk from ignorant people who have no respect for divergent opinions. There are MUSLIM FASCISTS who are intellectually bankrupt. The only way they can argue is to eliminate the voices they don’t agree with.”

source (last paragraph):,3604,564960,00.html

So “Ed”, Asim, and their ilk are many things — liars, deniers of the Sunnah, political opportunists, as well as fraudulent prostituted characters. However, they along with the leading edge of the right wing which detests and despises Muslims, cannot claim ownership of the demonization of Islam — this started from the time post 9/11 when Sufi "sheikhs" went out of their way to curry favor with the establishment meeting with Bush at his address, continued on through to the funding and political direction of the Radical Middle Way, and now reaching further and farther with the promotion and establishment of Quilliam Foundation and BMSD. Once you have justified and legitimized discarding the shari'ah and sunnah and opening the door to this kind of kufr, you cannot solely blame those who are taking these warped teachings and manifesting them into action.


Khalid said...

Looks like the Gulf backers of the so-called Quilliam Foundation have already decided to cut their losses i.e. "Ed" as noted here:

Anonymous said...

salaam aleikum,

there is NO difference between "Radical Middle Way" and Quilliam Foundation, as stated by Abdul Rehman Malik of the Radical Middle Way and Q-News itself: