Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank You Pope!

A heartfelt THANK YOU! to the Pope for taking this Zionist Moslem --- he's all yours now!

Magdi Allam, a Zionist Moslem dude who is writing a book called "Viva Israel" converted to the catholic religion on Easter.

Dear Pope,

You can have 'em all of the Zionist Moslems. Now, if you find your religion getting all screwy with this influx --- well, too bad... this guy is your problem now.

Also check out Dr. Maxtor's take on this ummm... "conversion" ..

Oh, and "prominent Moslem" ? Eh...? OK, I guess after Heretic Moslems and Proggie Moslems, there is this category of "prominent Moslems" --- if you are a neo-con proggie type --- you get the title "prominent Moslem" kinda like Sir Rushdie.


Anonymous said...

Would be better if you explored the relationship of this guy with the so-called Italian sufi "shaikh" Palazzi. There is a lot of confusion amongst Muslims there that Palazzi maybe next in coming out of the closet.

kashif said...

My biggest complaint still stands that you guys do not do a good job of realizing the full potential of this blog and limit it to just the sell-out pro-regressives in North America. They are going across the Atlantic into the UK and Europe yet the exposing of them isn't keeping up.

Just recently the UK version of this phenomenon will launch next week with 2 organizations both bought and paid for by UK govt. funds:

the Quilliam Foundation, exposed here:

and the British Muslims for a Secular Democracy:

they are thinking of having Tarek Fatah and Magdi Alah as speakers!

enough said.

publicdebate said...

Kashif, you are right on your complaint, but the thing is - the author of this blog lives in the US.

But if you, or anyone else is willing to send information, such as you did above, we'll be more than happy to make it into a blog entry...

publicdebate said...
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