Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Heretics Confer!

First there were the progressives, then came the pro-regressives (proggies) then came the Randists, and now the friends of empire give us: "The Heretic Muslims!"

Yes, The Heretic Muslims will be holding their very own conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (check out their web site).

Lets take a look at the "activists" listed on their web site --- these are familiar names to those of you who are regular readers of this blog. However, some of them have claimed to be "mainstream Muslims" such as the notorious ali eteraz and the supposed good doctor, hesham a. hassaballa (both of these belong to Shahed Amanullah's proggie lite (and not so lite) Alt Muslim group).

These so-called "mainstream" types have teamed up with the obviously out there types like asra nomani and irshad manji.

Infact, what this collection shows is that these proggies hiding in mainstream muslim clothings are no better or different than their obviously out there comrades.

abdullahi an-na’im
afshin ellian
ahmad kassim
ahmed mansour
aidid safar
alan godlas
ali eteraz
arnold yasin mol
asma hasan
asra nomani
bassam tibi
dr hesham a. hassaballa
edip yuksel
irshad manji
laleh bakhtiar
mehdi mozaffari
mohamed sifaoui
mustafa akyol
reza aslan
saleemah abdul-ghafur
soheib bencheikh
tarek heggy
thomas haidon

The blog roll in this "celebration of heresy" is even more revealing --- and again, many of these sites are known to regular readers of this blog - they are obviously listed as comrades in heresy. Well, enjoy ;-)

american islamic fellowship
american islamic forum for democracy
apostasy and islam
canadian council of muslim women
center for study of islam and democracy
common ground news
free minds
free muslims coalition
international centre for islam and pluralism
international forum of islamic dialogue
islam reform
liberal islam
liberal islam a source book
liberal islam network
minaret of freedom institute
muslim wakeup
muslims for peace
muslims for progressive values
muslims united against terrorism
progressive islam
progressive muslim union
progressive muslims
quran: a reformist translation
tanseem project
the american muslim
threshold society
truth booth online


DrMaxtor said...

Great post! These munafiqs just don't learn do they?

Anonymous said...

Just to say that we should be careful jumping to conclusions about anyone they linked to.

For example, I can say with some surety that "1001 Inventions" isn't linked to any crazy proggies but is run by respectable people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for listing these people and blogrolls. Been looking for a while, I guess there are more to read there.

Anonymous said...

Alan Godlas has nothing to do with this group (I asked him); they are only linking to his respected web site. You should be more careful before slandering a well-respected traditional Muslim.

publicdebate said...

1. Alan Godlas have been quoted as being a good friend of the despicable Asra Nomani, the guy has also appeared on US State Department sponsored events.

2. This blog is not an apologist for so-called "traditionalists" - if those folks cozy up to the neo-cons, and their Islam distorting, anti-Muslim agendas, then they are the same as proggies.