Thursday, July 28, 2005

no more recomending "PMU"

Synaptic Cartography writes:

I used to recommend the Progressive Muslim Union (PMU) mailing list to those American muslims I'd meet who expressed disillusionment with other muslims (or even their entire faith) based in a high proportion of their encounters having been with very strictly and literalistically dogmatic and communally insular individuals/groups...

And so it's a fairly recent thing that I've stopped making this recommendation. There was a minor thing, a small personal embarrassment at having made just such a recommendation only to have it immediately followed by a run of particularly unnecessarily antagonistic and flat out puerile behavior by several of the more prominent writers there. It's a internet mailing list, this is how these things go, but in making the recommendation it then manages to reflect back, at the very least, on what appeals to me personally. And so that formed the quintessential straw upon a camel's back.

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Marqas said...

It's always sad to hear about the disillusionment of many Muslims with other Muslims/Islam. But, it's a fact. Many people are instantly pushed to the margin if they don't march in line with the doctrine of some of these clowns. Personally, the Salafis are among the most guilty. But, hey, the reason why they are successful is because they operate in a vacuum. If we provide a viable alternative I think we can ease this problem.

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