Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Israeli Puppets

As was noted earlier on this blog, Mu(Bu)sharraf the "enlightened moderate" heads up a "Progressive Islam Institute" in Pakistan, along with Riffat Hassan. Hassan recently came to the defense of Mu(Bu)sharraf when he was taken to task for his anti-women comments regarding rape.

Mu(Bu)sharraf, along with some of his lackeys, is now at the forefront of a push for building relations with the Zionist state of Israel that will only come at the expense of the Palestinians. But, as we've seen everything and anything is A-OK - so long as you call it "moderate" and/or "progressive."

For more information on this enlightened progressive move, check out the Pakistan-Israel Forum - that lists individuals and their backgrounds who are behind all of this...

Soon we'll see the "feminist/progressive/scholar" Riffat Hassaan talk about how wonderful Mu(Bu)sharraf is for women, while he shakes hands with the butcher of Sabra and Shatila.
(Palestinian women somehow don't count for these types of military government sponsored feminists.)

Riffat Hassan was also one of the conference dignataries at a recent media event put on by the PMUNA in Barcelona, Spain.

And, of-course, we should'nt forget Ahmed Nassef's (the executive director of PMUNA) flirtations.

See also M. Shahid Alam's excellent article on this topic: Who Benefits, Pakistan "recognizes" Israel.


DrMaxtor said...

Great work! Lets be real...its not as if Pakistan's elite have any interest in Palestine or even the welfare of their own country. Remember the flac I got for linking neocons and proggies a year ago.....wonder that the detractors have to say about this....

reformist_muslim said...

I'm not a big Musharraf fan, but Pakistan's position is that it encourages the withdrawal from Gaza, that it will have diplomatic relations with Israel to try and facilitate further withdrawals but that full recognition will only come with the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

To do otherwise would be hypocritical. The Palestinians have been negotiating with Israeli's for many years now and Pakistan's decision to open diplomatic relations is no different.

DrMaxtor said...

The "reformist muslim" is repeating the same line as Musharraf, even though he claims not to be a fan of his.
Palestine and the occupation have NOTHING with Musharraf's overtures to Sharon, but EVERYTHING to do with throwing a monkey wrench in the India-Israel partnership. The Israelis know this all too well and are willing to play along.
To claim that its the same thing since Palestinians are "negotiating" is nothing but a disengenious excuse to open channels to Israel. As I've said before, Pakistan's elite does NOT care about the Palestinians, Kashmiris, or even their own people, they are only concerned with themselves and whatever they can in pleasing Uncle Sam. Just look at "Muslims for Bush." Thankfully the majority of Pakistanis thankfully are against this....the only ones for it are the western puppet elites in the defense colonies.


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