Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tarek Fatah resigns

This blog is not about Tarek Fatah - repeat this blog is not about Tarek Fatah.

The problem is that he acts like a spoilt little brat who wants to hog (no pun intended) all the attention. And if you don't give him the attention he gets worse and worse.

So, OK - here is a little bone to the brat:

Dr. M on Fatah's resignation

Meanwhile, Fatah's other group, the Progressive Muslim Union North America (this blog *is* about the PMUNA - and other native informants) - has been eerily silent about the Zionist assault on the people of Palestine and Lebanon. Why?

These guys have a virtual statement mill, and can churn out statement after statement on just 'bout everything - so why the silence?

Well, the PMUNA is pretty much dead - I think they took the group off life support - so maybe that is one reason.

But the real reason is probably best expressed by Fatah in a recent e-mail (excerpts) - you see, for Fatah - the problem is the Muslim community - not the Zionists.

Does this sound familiar? It should - this is a neo-con/zionist Christopher Hitchens/Daniel Pipes type of thinking.

This infatuation with misery while Hizbollah gains the admiration fo the Arabs reminds me of the young shia boys in Karachi who beat and flagellate themselves bloody to outdo each other on Ashuar (10 Muharram) to posture as adults and impress the hijabi/niqabi chicks.

How blind can this ummah be. Dumber and dumbest, that is what we all are. Creating our own Karbalas to feel good about our victimisation.



sunnilink said...

Good riddance. Kudos to all individuals who took out the time to write individually to the Canadian media to stop portraying Mr. Tarek Fatah as our (muslims) representative.

DrMaxtor said...

One thing I forgot to point out is no one declared Fatah an apostate. He claims as such because the he was rightly identified as an Islam basher and opportunist by other Candian Muslim organization.
Paranoia, stupidity and opportunism all rolled in one, that is what Fatah is.

sunnilink said...

He's not the only one out there with such views and intentions therefore I hold certain elements in the media responsible for doing such a great job in promoting him.

Anonymous said...

"Progressive Muslims"- an oxymoron. Glad Tarek Fatah resigned instead of giving in to this humbuggery. His independent voice is worth more than a flock of woodpeckers pecking into our brains with Islamic mumbo jumbo about "peace".