Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Right Wing Proggies Unite!

Pictured above are Irshad Manji, Mona Eltahawy, and Naser Khader at a "moderate Moslems" conference in Denmark.

Mona Eltahawy is on the Board of Directors of the Progressive Muslim Union North America (PMUNA).

The above photograph says it all - PMUNA, and their Progressive Moslem types are nothing more (or less) than right wing extremists.

Thanx to Dr. Maxtor for his post on the above "event."


Anonymous said...

This is very bizarre, especially considering how roundly Irshad Manji gets trashed on the PMU list any time her name comes up. I can't speak for Mona, but I was close enough to be photographed with Manji, when I decided to check her out in person and at the end of the talk, tried to ask her a couple of questions. That I can manage a brief conversation with her doesn't diminish the fact that I find Manji's egomania, opportunism, and zionist apologias utterly loathesome.

Anonymous said...

Mona E. seems quite comfortable with Manji et al. that other fool Moslem clapping is not all that better either - and Mona is a fan of him as well.

What kind of a ignomous fool would share the podium with Manji? That was no debate to confront Manji, it was a shared platform.

This is bizarre only to you isolated proggie types on the PMU list --- for the rest of us - we know what the game is... if you want to remain blind to this crap that is your problem. Your proggie crap stinks like a rotting piece of pig fat.

zzazzeefrazzee said...

Mona el tahawy a "right winger"?
Methinks you use the term a bit loosely.

Check out her web site


Rather than simplistic ad hominem attacks about the "proggies" (many of which could also be characterized as "hasty generalizations), care to advance a real argument???


DrMaxtor said...

zzazzeefrazee, learn what a neocon is before commenting.