Saturday, February 17, 2007

another article on the death of "progressive islam"

This article on the "death" of "progressive islam", I am much more inclined to agree with - especially with regards to how this so-called "movement" manifested itself. A much more accurate name of this form of "islam" might be "US empire friendly islam."

According to Hannah Arendt, the two key characteristics of colonialism are racism and bureacracy. The professional elites were clearly created to support the colonial bureacracy, and is also not surprising that they adopted, in essence, the same disdain for their fellow Muslims (especially the 'Ulema) which more likely than not, was due to absorbing British racism. The professional elites often adopted the same purported "reformism" that was used to justify imperialism in the first place. Just like the "White man" had reached the pinnacle of human evolution and it was his duty to uplift the lesser races from their anthropological shortcomings, so did the professional elites view themselves as the pinnacle of Islamic history and had achieved material success and, thus, it was their duty to uplift the Muslim masses from their decadent superstitious faults.

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Neo said...

salaam aleikum,

what seems rarely mentioned is the fact that though these "pro-regressive" ideas and personalities have completely failed in North America, even amongst mostly secularized Muslims here in North America. There is still no shortage of trying to export this garbage back to the Muslim world so as to advance neo-con ambitions in Muslim lands:

Much like the HIV virus, which uses your own cell machinery so as to destroy your immune system, rendering you susceptible to common infections which eventually kill you. These pro-regressives are cultured, incubated, and "educated" by kaffirs in Islam and then when their "education" is deemed fit by these "sheikhs" (via the granting of a "degree" in Islamic studies) they are sent back to "teach" Muslims how to be good slaves.

Much of this was how the British and French first perpetrated neo-colonialism when they had to leave the subcontinent and Africa after WWII. But made sure to leave it in the hands of trusted slaves who would look after their own interests. Though then names and faces may change, the policy stays the same.

salaam aleikum,