Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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Jinzaman has a good article on RAND, "Reform" and Revolution

Regarding the Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa controversy in Pakistan, and the liberal elite's reactionary attitudes read Lal Masjid What Do They Want?.

Dr. Maxtor has a couple of good recent entries on his blog: Turkey's secular fascists and a brief note on Eteraz -the proggie hiding in mainstream Muslim clothing (my heading not Dr. Maxtor's :-)) read the comments on that one. (Why do proggies get all bent outta shape when someone happens to just write a few sentences critiquing 'em, but they think they can slam/damn every other Muslim that crosses their path? - I don't get it...)


Anonymous said...

lol is funny cause its true

Anonymous said...

A lot of the information and articles on this blog are about more than shameless proregressive and their patrons, so 2 suggestions I had would be:

1. maybe rename the blog so as to better allow people to find some of the excellent content on here.

2. You guys need to do a better job of advertising -- at the very least an interview with al jazeera? It's sad that shameless self promoters at muslimwakeup or are the only voices that right wing outlets have, not someone from on here to challenge their lies.


publicdebate said...

yes, you are right that there is a lot of other content here as well... I've thought about renaming the blog, but then put it on the back burner...

re: advertising etc. I think of this blog more as a clearing house for information, and providing researched, and referenced hard data and analyses. And I leave it to others to use this data to expand upon their own work and analyses.

The problem with that media is that they won't interview people who do not fit their agenda - or only do it sporadically. And so blogs like this go around by word of mouth and links... But I think others who do have more access to the media, they can always reference this blog, if they use any information from here. Some of us are good in research, and writing, others are good in live/in-person media work - so those who are good in doing live debates etc. - should of-course do more media work.

jamal said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum

At the following link you will read about the 49,981 signatures have
now been received on a terrible petition against the London 'Mega
mosque' based on incorrect and inciteful information. This shows the
existence of the intolerance and Islamophobia in Britain.

The mosque would provide a place of worship and show Britains
tolerance and multiculturalism. It is now the duty of Muslims and evey
citizen to sign the counter-petition to BUILD the 'Mega Mosque'.
Please sign at the link below, forward email it to your friends, post
it in forums you visit and promote this on your site/blog.

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