Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Zionist "Sufism"

Well, we know about neo-con "Sufis" ... but now we got Zionist "sufis" !

This so-called "conference" is being sponsored by "Israel" :

Islamic Fundamentalism and Sufism: Continuities and Confrontations through Modernity and Globalization Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation

Have fun looking through the list of participants.


DrMaxtor said...

These people just don't learn do they? Maybe we should get some far out leftist Kabbalists and have a conference on the cancer of zionism...LoL

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a zionist flavour of every type of 'ism'. It seems that zionism is the type of side dish that goes with every meal.
Have you seen ummahpulse.co.uk latest article about the zionist think tanks ideas on 'modernising' Islam? Have a look at it - compelling reading.