Thursday, August 02, 2007

The absurdity of "Muslims for Obama"

The race for the "leader" of the so-called "free world" has begun. The race is, of-course, all about who can be the most jingoistic and play to the worst fears of the "free world" extremists.  

So, Obama says he gonna take the war on Muslims, now, to Pakistan. The country has already been under the rule of a puppet who has slaughtered his own people. But Obama takes it up not just a notch, but to a whole new level. The dude wants to basically complete the job that Bush started: destroy one Muslim majority nation after another.

Oh, yeah - he don't want to nuke Pakistan. But Hillary - she's gonna prove herself to be a real man - she has no qualms 'bout nuking anyone anywhere --- no ruling out nukes for her - none of that fuzzy warm smart bombs, if nukes are what it takes, then nukes it will be. 

Here is what the "Muslims for Obama" group says (created by Shahed Amanullah, the guy who recently had a chit chat with the extremist Homeland Security dude: Chertoff): 

He's not just a change from George W. Bush, he's a change from the emerging crop of Democratic presidential nominees, all of whom are still equivocating on the war in Iraq. Obama is the only candidate who was on the correct side from the beginning, and unlike most politicians, understands our concerns because of his unique background.

Through this group, we hope to work Muslim Democrats to ensure Obama gets the party nomination, and then work hard to get out the vote in key districts throughout America.

OK - so let's see - they wanna get this maniac Obama into office with Muslim vote, and then Obama will go bomb Muslims --- good plan.


Neo said...

This sounds almost as clever, ingenious, and far sighted as the wonderful no-roots in the Muslim community-social-climbing fools who helped use the "Muslim vote" to help elect George W. Bush. No public apology nor remorse for that decision just as their will be no contrition nor public apology for this sorry ass circus.

PS - Keep up the good work in exposing this!

Zain said...

amazing blog, thanks for the info

Javed said...

When I first read what Obama said, I was really, really surprised, as in, "This is the only dude I'm considering voting for?" I think he needs to clarify exactly what he means by 'strikes.' If he means 'do the same thing we did in Afghanistan' like carelessly carpet-bomb the place, then God help us and instill a better sense of ethics to Washington. But if Obama meant that he just wants troops to hunt down bin Laden, then it's not such a bad idea. I mean the fool is either dead or in Pakistan; if either is confirmed, then the whole basis for invading countries is gone and politicians in DC won't have any more excuses for breaching peace pacts Muslim countries.

Then, again, this could just be a ploy for Obama to win some of the conservative voters over.