Monday, October 06, 2008

smiling with a war criminal (and the war criminal smiling)

I'm still working on a post regarding the group, Malaria No More. Meanwhile, here are some pictures (from the Tony Blair Foundation/Malaria No More event) that were proudly posted on the Muslim Students Association National website. I don't know who all the individuals are - but the web site notes that:

Both MSA National Vice President Randa Kuziez and MSA National West Zone USA Respresentative Yasmin Elhady were invited to participate in the intimate 100-person audience, while thousands of internet users logged in to watch the live streaming video.

I am assuming that the pictures below include either or both MSA officials.

NOT a single word on their web site about Blair's complicity in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine ... not one word.