Wednesday, April 06, 2005

And now the Asra Nomani-Irshad Manji Show?

The Amina Wadud (PMUNA advisory board member) media showcase was organized by Progressive Muslim Union Executive Director Ahmed Nassef, in conjunction with the "Asra Nomani Muslim Women's Freedom Tour."

Nomani's book was publicized right along side the Wadud event on the PMU media outlet: "Muslim Wake Up."

Asra Nomani's most recent appearance was with Irshad Manji at a "Forbes Executive Women's Forum."

Interestingly enough, although the forum bills itself as a discussion on Arab women - there were no Arab women on this panel!


aiia said...

Today in the daily Nawa-I-Waqat Lahore dated 14th April 2005, Page # 03. I am translating it into English as the report was published in Urdu.

The Creator of the conspiracy of a female Emmam: Asra Nomani, playing the game of MOSAD (The Jewish intelligence agency) RAA (The Indian Intelligence Agency) and The C.I.A.

Let me give you a little detail of the lady above. She is the grand daughter of Moulana Shibli Noumani who was a great worker in the struggle of independence of Pakistan, born in India and raised in USA, a former reporter in the Wall Street Journal. They have gotten a lot of attention due to a very strong backing of the Jewish and the American lobby in the media creating a new sect or Fitna in the muslims propagating that they are trying to bring Islam at par with the demands of the 21st century.

According to Nawa-I- Waqat’s weekly magazine Nad-I-Millat’s report Dr. Ameena Wadood is a professor in the West Virginia University, where as the other is an Indian American Journalist Asra Nomani who is the creator of this whole conspiracy. She is the one who got Ameena Wadood to lead the Jumah Prayers in one of the mosques in New York, and then went onn leading one sermon herself at WV.

Dr. Ameena Wadood is quite popular in the modern sections of the Muslims of North America due to her own interpretations of Islam and Islamic Principles. She has also written two books on “Quran and Women” in which she has expressed her own special thinking. She says that Muslims have not done a good job in translating / Summarizing history, and that is why they are so far behind. She is against the punishments regarding the Hadood Ordinance or the cutting off the hands of the thieves or the rights of the husband on wives. She thinks that these traditions were a part of History and Culture, which were there in the starting period of Islam and WHICH SHOULD BE CHANGED NOW. On 18th March 2005 while leading the sprayers of the Jumah in NY. This was observed that she placed the book containing the Arabic “Khutba” sermon on her feet, where as the Arab girl Sehala who gave the AZAN was wearing jeans and a tee shirt like other men and the manager of this whole ordeal Ms. Asra Nomani was without a dupata clad in a jeans and a tee shirt.

Ms. Asra Nomani has a mysterious personality, having high-level connections with Armed Forces, Politicians, bureaucrats and journalists of Pakistan, India, England and the United States. This is the only reason that this mysterious lady is safe and “in safe hands” despite all of her negative activities. She has links with the Indian Intelligence agency RAA and the CIA, and she has visited Pakistan on a number of occasions to complete her dirty games.

After 9/11 she came to Pakistan as a reporter and visited the Mosques, Shrines of the saints and the religious institutions and the Madaris. This was when the intelligence agencies got suspicious and her name came out for the first time in Pakistan due to her mysterious activities. But she wasn’t touched at the time intentionally and wasn’t stopped from her mysterious activities as the intelligence agencies were playing on their own agenda, One. And secondly it wasn’t easy to put a hand on a reporter from the Wall Street Journal.

Second time her name came out in reference to the Daniel Pearl Murder case. Due to her mysterious activities she was a big witness and undoubtedly accused (innocent until proven guilty) as well in this case but mysterious hands saved her from getting stuck in this case. Now the third time her name has come out as the creator of the conspiracy of a female Emmam in the Jumah Prayers and then becoming the Emmam herself.

Whose hands are working behind the Mysteries of Asra Nomani…?
What were the reasons for her visit to Pakistan…?
What was her role / Character in the Daniel Pearl Case…?
Why were her activities in Pakistan being ignored….?

She started writing on the women’s role in Islam in the Washington Post, other than that she had also published some articles in the New York Times and the Times Magazine. According to a source after joining the Wall street journal she got close to Daniel Pearl, and secretly visited Israel a number of times with him. During that time she wrote two books namely Standing Alone in Mekka and Tantrika, traveling the road of divine love. After 9/11 she visited India and Pakistan on numerous occasions. In 2001 she came to Pakistan with some specific reasons. During that visit she visited the many shrines including Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh and Mian Mir Shareef (may peace be upon them). She got in touch with a lot of fundamental and religious organizations and inquired about their working and Tasavuf as a reporter.

Sources say that this visit was pre planned and pre meditated and objectives of this visit were that 9/11 happened in the near past and the think tanks of the US had led them to believe that as long as the concept of Jehad (Holly War) is not wiped out of Pakistan there could be other 9/11s as well.

According to the sources the Intelligence agencies had their eyes on her when she started meeting people in Lahore after she got the task of working on the mosques, Khangas and religious and fundamentalists organizations, then she went to Karachi. There she rented a house and shifted into it from the hotel. There she hooked up with a man and gets pregnant with his child. She says; “It was love, I came to know that I was pregnant and my boyfriend didn’t want to stay with me as all of this was done without marriage. According to the Islamic laws this had no significance. So I came back to Morgan Town with my son. Under these circumstances I had to face a lot of difficulties in my religion. I was told that according to Islamic rules I was to be punished for having a child without marriage. Every thing was happening in the name of the religion, and my friend was also murdered in the name of the religion.”

These realities bring forward this aspect of her character, on one hand she wants to impress women by bring about change in Islam and on the other hand this is what her own character is.

Does Islam permit this kind of friendship without marriage and birth of a child?

She kept quite / hidden for some time after she came back with her son to the United States, she named him Shibli. By the end of 2001 she started trying to come back to Karachi. According to the sources though she had taken back sore feeling from here but this time her mission was to work on some stories with Daniel Pearl. During her first visit she very mysteriously went to some places where she was not allowed and her visa did not also permit it. She Secretly visited those places of Pakistan, which are considered center of religious studies and activities.

On refusal of visa from the Pakistani consulate for the first time, she went there again with a wail onn and said that she wanted to go there to meet her relatives and friends, on finding out who she was they refused this reason as well. Then she applied for a visa as a journalist of the Wall Street Journal, she was refused again as the consulate said that the paper already had a journalist “Daniel Pear” in Delhi, India who has no restriction / problem in flying to Karachi from Delhi, so there is no need to send a reporter from the States to Pakistan.

According to the source as for specific reasons she had to get the visa and go to Pakistan, she asked some big personality to help her get the visa. This time the consulate could not refuse her and gave the visa. According to the source she came straight to Pakistan after getting the visa and stayed at a five star hotel. She immediately got in touch with Daniel Pearl who was in Delhi reporting the situation in Pakistan to his newspaper, who came to Pakistan the very next day. From here their mysterious and secretive activities started.

Sources tells more that in hyderabad Jail, the special Judge for Anti Terrorist Court Justice Syed Ashraf Ali Shah was told by a witness and the investigation inspector of the case Rao Aslam accepted that he knew the women named Asra Nomani. The documents that were given by Maureen Pear wife of Daniel Pearl contained the email messages that Daniel sent to Ms. Asra Nomani. When the inspector was asked why he did not include Ms. Asra Nomani in the investigation, he said that he didn’t feel the need for it.

It is clear from these realities that this investigation was carried out in a particular manner and Ms. Asra Nomani was clearly taken out of the investigation so that her name was not to end up is the witness list or the accused list. According to the source Ms. Asra Nomani was the one who got Daniel Pearl the house on Zamzama Street, Karacki, where he was kidnapped. The first email that was received from the kidnappers of Daniel Pearl was also sent to Ms. Asra Nomani. On this part of the investigation file it was written in hand writing by the investigation officer that Asra Nomani made 08 Calls under the name of Daniel Pearl. Though the investigating officer did not feel it important to include her in the investigation.

Who saved her in the Daniel Pearl case?
Why was she not presented infront of the court?
Even with proofs in hand why was she let go…
Why weren’t her Anti Pakistan Activities noticed?
Why wasn’t it felt necessary to find out were she was…

Answers to these questions never came out……………………
How she got back to the States after Daniel’s case had started, sources say the RAA and the C.I.A. arranged for her safe departure out of the country and our agencies were under a trance of their trick. They opened up their eyes once Asra was already in the United States.

After she got to the States, she was kept onn being used by the CIA, though the thing that was different now was that the direction of her activities was now changed. Now, change in the Islam rules and norms and the rights of women in Islam were her primary targets.

On 18th March 2005, during the Fourteen Hundred years of history of Islam a woman stands up as Emmam for the Jumah prayers.

Anonymous said...

today i read another coloumn about the infamous MS nomani who was claiming to be from one of the most religious families of india.
this was in the The Dawn daily of 22nd april 2005.

Asra Nomani no kin of Allama Shibli

WE were extremely embarrassed to read in ‘Books & Authors’ (April 17) about Asra Nomani, a controversial personality, who claims to be a direct descendant of Allama Shibli, after whom she has named her son. Asra is in no way connected to the Shibli family. We five real granddaughters are the real direct descendants of Maulana Shibli, who had one son and two daughters, Rabia Khatoon and Jannutul Fatima. Both the daughters died in their youth in 1904 and 1909. They were married and their family lived in their ancestral villages in Azamgarh.

Allama Shibli had only one son, Hamid Hassan Nomani. He was born in 1882 and died in 1942. He had no sons but five daughters. They are:

A) Dr Nasim Jehan, retired director of health, Bangladesh, died in Karachi in 1997. She was married to Dr Zafrul Huda of Dhaka University. He died in 1978 at Dhaka. They have one daughter Shahla living in the US.

B) Shamim Jehan, married to Ehtesham Ahmed, who died in Azamgarh in 1982. They have eight sons and seven daughters all married and living in Pakistan, except one, who is in Kuwait.

C) Tahsin Jehan, married to Shaukat Sultan, principal of Shibli College, Azamgarh. He died in 1986. They have three sons and four daughters, living in India, the UAE and Karachi. The above three daughters were married in 1940 at Azamgarh.

D) Mohsina Sultana, married in 1950 to Amanullah Khan, director of industries, India. They have five children, all married, one daughter and three sons living in the US and one son in India.

E) Momna, the youngest, was born in 1935 and married in 1952 to Capt. Khan Sohail Sultan, who retired as general manager of Pan-Islamic Steamship Co., Karachi in 1993, now living in North Nazimabad. They have four sons, all married. Eldest Maj Khalid Sultan, Sitara-i-Jur’at, met ‘Shahadat’ at Siachin in 1992, Capt. Danish Sultan is managing director of Pac Marine Singapore, Wamiq Sultan, MD, living in the US, youngest Capt. Toaha Sultan is serving in the Pakistan Army.

Considering our sentiments and Maulana Shibli’s fame as writer of Seerat-un-Nabi, we hope you will publish this clarification.

Takumi Nakashima said...

Ms Nomani a descendant of a scholar? Didn't the family of Lut perish? So did the son of Nooh. Well, I'm the descendant of the first prophet. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you will welcome this refutation of Irshad Manji:

I think it is important to present a counterpoising view to provide balance and perspective. I believe that is difference between objective free thinkers and the dogmatic religious zealots Irshad Manji allegedly encountered. Certainly, your website will show the Islamic world that you are different in this regard?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this commentary on Asra's book?

Interested to hear your thoughts.