Thursday, April 07, 2005

The National Security Council's "Muslim Outreach Policy"

The current political climate is such that the Progressive Muslim Union NA has set itself up as the "good Muslims" (in the eyes of the United States media) and anyone that does not agree with them gets branded as "extremists" "backwards" "neo-salafis" "wahabbis" "mullah" and so on... Sometimes the media does this labeling, most other times the PMUNA officials hurl these epithets.

Furthermore there are PMUNA board members who are associated with organizations that want to support the US "war on terror." What does this mean?

A recent article in US news has pointed out that this "war on terror" includes "changing the face of Islam."

After repeated missteps since the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. government has embarked on a campaign of political warfare unmatched since the height of the Cold War. From military psychological-operations teams and CIA covert operatives to openly funded media and think tanks, Washington is plowing tens of millions of dollars into a campaign to influence not only Muslim societies but Islam itself.

The US General Accountablity Office (GAO) has come out with a new report on "public diplomacy" that is worth a read in its entirity (pdf file)

The most important part for visitors to this blog is on page 13:

Effectiveness of Muslim Outreach Committee Remains to be Determined

In July 2004, the National Security Council created the Muslim World Outreach Policy Coordinating Committee to replace the Strategic Communications Policy Coordinating Committee.

According to a senior State official, the group is working on three specific activities. To date, the committee has collected ideas from embassies in Muslim-majority countries, developed a strategic plan for communicating with the Muslim world, and is drafting a tactical paper to operationalize the strategy. In its poll of embassies, the committee collected information on outreach activities to Muslim audiences.

According to an official at State familiar with the committee’s activities, the committee then developed a strategy to address the problems faced by the public diplomacy community and outlined two broad goals: working with moderate Muslims and countering extremism.

(Reflection question for PMUNA debate blog readers: Who will define what is a "moderate Muslim" and what constitutes "extremism?")

The committee is finalizing this strategy, which emphasizes the role of regional partnerships and the need to tailor programs to specific countries, and plans to present it to the National Security Council in early 2005. Following approval, the strategy and tactics papers will be sent to embassies around the world. State expects the implementation of this strategy to begin in early 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Islam and Western ideals are incompatable. There is no place for Islam in the west. End of discussion. Having lived in Saudi for ten years, and now back home in Virginia, the Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Christians need join forces and wake up before there is a mosque next door. We must stop Saudi from sponsering Islamic organisations in the West.

Anonymous said...

What links Islam to Nazism is the ethos of jihad. For both Islam and Nazism, war is not merely a means to an end: mere conquest. War for both is a moral imperative: for the Nazi, to purge the world of racial impurity, for the Muslim, to purge the world of religious impurity.

Both have or require an enemy: for the Muslim the “infidel”, for the Nazi the “Jew”, The genocide perpetrated by Muslims against the Armenians preceded the genocide the Nazis perpetrated against the Jews.

Although literary Islam and Nazism have profound differences, these are of little significance to the victims of these militant doctrines. The one reduces human beings to dhimmis, the other to slaves.

Although Islam forbids what may be termed “personal” suicide, it exalts suicide (i.e., martyrdom) in the context and ethos of holy war. That Arab parents can exult in their children being sacrificed as human bombs is surely a throwback to paganism. But this paganism indicates that the sanctity of human life is not a normative Islamic doctrine. Indeed, on page after page of the Qur`an¸ unbelievers are consigned to Hell – Islam’s crematoria.

Some scholars contend that what is here imputed to Islam should in truth be imputed to “Islamism”. They allege that Islamism, as distinct from Islam, twists Qur`anic teachings to un- Qur`anic uses. The candid scholar will admit, however, that the Qur`an lends itself to such twists, and much more clearly so when viewed from the ShariahIslamic law.

The only way to eliminate what is misleadingly called Islamism is to change the political regimes that now rule the Islamic world. The existing Islamic regimes are highly unlikely to change (except for the worse) by means of internal forces – “inside-out”. Only a comprehensive geopolitical strategy will transform these regimes, “outside-in”.

Anonymous said...

Islam has nothing to do with Nazism you pathetic loser. The real terrorists are filthy rabid scum who have over a hundred thousand innocent Iraqis in addition to tens od thousands of Afghans. Your day of reckoning is coming.
"western ideals" such as murder, rape, terror and torture are indeed incompatible with Islam's enlightened values. You sound like a typical judeo-Christofascist dog yelping at the success of the true religion of God.

Anonymous said...

BTW "transforming regimes" is a synonym for terrorism and invasion. I have better idea why dont you GI wankers go to Iraq and die like the filthy dogs that you are ? Or is hiding in America behind the internet a safer bet ?
Keep dreaming fool. Islam is here to stay and you cant do a thing about it.