Friday, August 19, 2005

Another resignation! + A Question.

(Post updated 8/22/05)

Now confirmed - Laury Silvers has resigned from the board of directors of the Progressive Muslim Union North America. While Silvers was with the PMU, she drafted the expanded version of the PMUNA shahadah to include sex, alcohol, and "no-god." This new shahdah was part of Muqtedar Khan's reasons for resignation from the PMUNA.

Silvers, Ilan Bashir, along with Sabahat Ashraf are the main individuals behind the new web site Progressive Islam.

Sabahat Ashraf, who stated on the Living Tradition blog - that Knight, as a Muslim, is "free" to hold views about throwing s*^%# on the Prophet) , is also on the Technology Team of the Progressive Muslim Union.

Also the record, I find Mr Knight's attitude to The Prophet a rather odd one for a Muslim to hold. But he is free to hold it.

UPDATE: Link to PMUNA/MWU found - buried in the "links section" of the web site. Stay tuned for more information on this "new" "progressive" blog/site.

However, the question still remains: why has, that does not advertise itself as a "progressive Muslim" site, been given central space on the front page? While Muslim Wake Up - that is very much a self-identified "progressive Muslim" web site been relegated to somewhere deep in the links section. Hopefully this is just an oversight, and they will be adding Muslim Wake Up to their front page - so that everyone can be clear on the background of these individuals.

Muslim Wake Up, of-course, is the media outlet of Progressive Muslim Union. Executive Director of the PMU - Ahmed Nassef is the Chief Editor and Owner of Muslim Wake Up.


Shahed Amanullah said...

Re: Laury Silvers - it's true.

Also, the reason you have never seen alt.muslim self-describe as "progressive" (as opposed to other people describing it as such) is that I'm loath to adopt a label I have no control over, and whose definition morphs day by day.

izzymo said...

Hmmm, good point, Brother Shahed. Jazak Allah Khairn.

Laury said...
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Anonymous said...

The AltMuslim site is proven to be just as ideologically, politically, and islamically bankrupt as MuslimWakeup, only just consider it MuslimWakeup-lite with audio toys,
content is routinely slanted to show these pro-regressive munafiqs in a good light (with little or no references from Quran and Sunnah in any of the arguments) or counterpoints to the filth that "progressives" are putting out in the name of musims and islam. The message board/comments section revolves around some of the same idiots u see on the comments section in MWU using different pseudonyms (OmarG, anarchistMuslim, reformedMuslim, HijabMan) combined with pro-israel zionists, evangelical christians, and an occasional unsuspecting Muslim who may have stumbled on the site thinking it was promoting something from Islam.
We need blogs like this to expose the truth to the Ummah and offer a different perspective when western News agencies will magnify MuslimWakeup/AltMuslim to show how "progressive" islam is in America as opposed to the ummah (as they did in Fox News and in Israel recently).

a concerned Muslim