Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Left Behind

Three of the four original founders of PMUNA have resigned.

According to most recent information, the following individuals are the Left Behind Board of Directors of the PMU.

Let us know in the comments section:

1. Who you would like to see resign next? (and...Why?)


2. Who is most likely to resign next? (and...Why?)

(those PMUists - the few that are left -read this blog, maybe they'll listen to you...)

Tarek Fatah

Zuriani "Ani" Zonneveld

Ahmed Naseef

Mona El-Tahawy

(more on Mona Eltahawy)

Pamela Taylor (fomerly co-chair, now the lone chair of PMUNA)

Ginan Rauf ("beer for Ramadan" fame)

Imam Daayiee

Saleemah Ghaffur

Naeem Mohaiemen

Kareem Shora


DrMaxtor said...

1) Tarek "I'm Tarek Fatah" Fatah. I'll be doing one of my honest interviews with him one of these days.

2) Mona "Palestine is not an islamic issue" Eltahawy. She'll be alright though...I'm sure some neocon infested "thinktank" will pick her up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I dare not say this on the PMU or NPM lists because I only have thoughts to share and in doing so do am open to have my thoughts critiqued on their own merits. However on both the PMU and NPM lists, I've noticed that dissenting opinions are not attacked, but the actual person and their character. Their allegiance to NPM/PMU is brought into question and the lack of progress in such a progressive group kind of disheartens me. I've seen these attacks come from all levels of the PMU from those on the e-mail list all the way up to the board members with no real intervention from anyone. Attack my ideas, critique them, improve them, but sharing my thoughts should not open up the gates for personal attacks on my work, personality, background, family, career or even motivations. If I have a bad idea, call it bad and move one. If my ideas are worth considering, debate them and move on.

There have been many people on both PMU and NPM that have been wronged by other Muslims and it seems like any type of diversity of thought or ideas is viewed as some attempt to corrupt the goals and ideals of PMU. Again, my personal opinion.

I am not rooting for the destruction of PMU. When I first heard about the creaton of PMU, I breathed a sigh of relief that someone out there finally got it. Now I am not so sure.

There are "People in the Know" in the PMU that seem to know all the background motives for those that are either against the PMU and/or those that have recently quit or resigned either from the Board or the List. That type of insider information really doesn't fit well for me as a true grassroots organization.

My suggestions would be to have open listen only conference calls that all members of the PMU can listen in on when the PMU Board meets. This would allow the grassroots members of the PMU to participate in the process without causing the Board to get bogged down.

I keep hearing over and over again that the PMU is the Yahoogroup, but when it comes to decision making and moving forward on various goals and programs, I have yet to see a survey or poll asking for my vote on any issue.

That's all for now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - the fact that you cannot say what you said here on NPM/PMU speaks volumes for kind of "progress" these people represent.

Many folks have pointed out these folks are basically the flip side of Whabbi extremists - they can only get along with people who follow in their footstes - without any deviations whatsoever.

That is exactly how they have been from the inception of the PMU - and how they act on their media outlet Muslim Wake Up. I have no desire to see extremist Wahabbis become all powerful - same with these flip side pro-regressives - they are the same. As they say, a pox on both their houses - may they fall down and disappear.