Sunday, February 05, 2006

Detoxifying Mona Eltahawy

Last i checked, Mona Eltahawy was a board member of the so-called "Progressive" Moslems Union of North America. Eltahawy has been praised by the arch-neo-con Paul Wolfowitz as the voice for "modernity and freedom." Well, of-course, given the kind of "freedom and democracy and modernity" that Wolfowitz and his ilk are interested in bombing the world into -"progressive" Eltahawy would be someone that he would praise.

Eltahawy has written an "article" on the anti-Muslim hate speech Danish "cartoons." Here are two responses to that "article."

Dr. Maxtor does a point by point refutation of the article.

And Svend White discusses some important points related to Eltahawy's article.


Peter said...

While I don't always agree with Mona Elthahawy, at least she is willing to respectfully disagree with her critics and engage in intelligent debate (see her debates at the Doha Forum this past week, for instance). What does this website offer besides a lot of nasty sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

This site has a lot more to offer than the neo-conism/randism of Eltahawy and her pro-regressive companions over at PMUNA.

DrMaxtor said...
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DrMaxtor said...

Salam Aliakum PM,
Thanks for linking. My biggest problem with Eltahawy is that she routinely obfuscates and misrepresents facts, pulling the old "straw man" arguments. It may fool people not in the know, but for those of us who are better informed, its clearly sycophantic pandering to the usual suspects. The sheer number of extremist right wing blogs who link to her writings is evidence of this.

Anonymous said...

It might interest you to know that ElTahawy has to write all her articles in English--she claims to be one of the 'authentic' Arabs you talk about, but all her articles have to be translated before they appear in the Arabic-language newspaper she writes for. Yet more proof that privileged, insulated people all over the world have more in common with each other than with the struggling citizens of their own countries...sick and sad.

Anonymous said...

Mona is willing and open to any any arguments-you are just unable to refute her arguments-I have read many of her articles and debates and find her original-maybe you do not like it!

Neo said...

Mona - original? please let me have some of what you are smoking.

She would make a fine press officer for one of the countless sycophants in support of the Egyptian and Syrian dictatorships who embody her garbage ideas in action (using this as an excuse to perpetuate oppression on their own citizens).

Thank god human garbage like her have no support among the Muslim masses (though the wealthy sell-out types in the West think of her as one of their own)