Friday, February 17, 2006

Uncle Tom's Union

The so-called "Progressive" Moslems Union has invited a so-called "leading" Moslem scholar from France to join a "female led" prayer by none other than the Chair of the Progressive Muslim Union North America: Pamela Taylor !

The "leading Moslem scholar" goes by the name of "Mufti" Soheib Bencheikh. The "Mufti" is going to give a press conference to discuss the cartoon controversy.

So, who is this mufti? Turns out this dude has earned the praise of none other than Mr. Daniel Pipes himself! (Yes, we knew it was only a matter of time... next time they should just invite Pipes himself). Mr. Pipes describes the mufti as "as the epitome of "the liberal intellectual Muslim, pious but not Islamist."

So, what kind of ideology does the mufti represent that earned him such high praise from the great Pipes himself?

Well... here is an excerpt from MWU's comments section:

For examples i'll use one of his interview for the newspaper Le Parisien (one of the french newspaper that have published cartoons of the Prophet) in which: he IS saying that he is FOR the BAN at school (personal note: i'm not a hijab fanatic myself, but i think girls should do whatever they want and that it's ridiculous to ban it at school).

In the same interview he is worried about the fact that there are more muslims going to pray at the masjid than some years ago, and to him that shows how France is fulle of muslims being radicalized. He believes those are waiting to be terrorists...

In general i don't think he defends muslims or progressive ideas that much, to me he is down to go wherever the power that be wants to see muslims go... He's just the muslim credibility to the people paranoid with terrorism, who see terrorism everywhere and who want to control Islam... i'm not saying his intentions are deeply wrongs, but i would say that he sounds to often like an "uncle Tom" to me...

I don't want to be hating on him, i wish him peace, but i just don't see his points, and i think his perception that France is in danger because of evil terrorists taking over the hearts of the believers is VERY dangerous, because it surely is used by the power that be for a dark agenda.

Plus Bencheikh never smiles !! what's wrong wit u dude ? lol

For ya'll french readers out there here is the itw:

Well... I think that just says it all... i suppose even Uncle Toms need a union...


Anonymous said...

Ali Abunimah debates Irshad Manji. Audio from the CBC:

Anonymous said...

That's not even a credible source you're using. An MWU comment is your basis for what the mufti thinks?

If you actually read the article the mufti says nothing about supporting the hijab ban.

You're just passing around hearsay in this so called "PMU debate".

I don't like PMU members myself but I sure as hell do not pass around heresay.

Anonymous said...

The "mufti" does support the hijab ban in France - that is well known... do your own reserach, if you don't find the information here "credible." And then you can come back let everyone know what you found.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately "it is well known" does not pass as credible research and yes I have done my own research contrary to the heresay, that people pass around here.

The mufti is against religious signs in school. This is something you can easily find from interviews online (yes, they document everything these days, from offline sources).

The burden of proof is not in my hands. It is yours. You're making claims about him that are contrary to actual sources.

You can't quote one article, that says he supports the ban.

And since we are using common sense, rather than actual proof, let's just say it makes little sense for a Muslim public official to support something that unpopular.

Even if the the mufti did support the ban, he did not create these laws in the first place.

I really think you are barking up the wrong tree.

And what the heck does a mufti's opinion have to do with PMU's principles? PMU clearly is against the hijab ban.

This is a total fallacy of guilt by association.

Anonymous said...

OK - thats your viewpoint - the other viewpoint is presented here. You are more than welcome to bark up whatever right tree you might find.