Saturday, May 24, 2008

The enlightened moderate dance

The dude dancing is the Chairman of Federal Board Revenue of Pakistan (the FBR is more or less the tax collection agency of Pakistan). At the tail end of the video, Mr. US Puppet Mu(Bu)sharraf joins the dance. The audience is made up of a cream of the liberal/progressive/enlightened moderate elite of the country.

At one point, the singer asks that maybe the camera should be turned off... but apparently the camera person decided it was OK to film all of this... and then she tells the FBR dude to do the step one more time...

This, dear Muslim brothers and sisters, is just a taste of how the puppet liberal/proggie elites of Muslim majority countries spend their spare time (their full time job is, of-course, licking the boots of the imperialists).

Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Pakistan, Abdullah Yusuf Dancing to a song's tune in a party held in Army House Islamabad which is paid by the Poor Tax Payers Money... Musharaff, Shaukat Aziz and other Blood Sucking Mosquitoes are also present along with their wives. In the end Musharaff also starts to dance but the camera is moved away

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