Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Absurdity of Muslims For Obama (part II)

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What will it take for some Muslims to figure out that this Presidential campaign is not about who is going to be nicer to us Muslims. It is about who can pander most to the Zionists, and who can make the claim to be the most effective in administering American imperialism.

Why would any Muslim want to involve themselves in such a sordid affair?

Especially, especially, given the fact that the direct target of US imperial violence are Muslims.

So now, two sisters got told they can't be seen with the guy if they got hijaab on...

Frankly, what were these Muslims doing there in the first place? Were they there to register their protest against this guy encouraging the Zionist entity to completely take over Al-Quds, and thereby ethnically cleansing what remains of the Palestinian population? If so, they should've been outside the event carrying Palestinian flags - and making it clear that no self-respecting Muslim is going to vote for this Obama guy, nor for that other dude McCain.

As one Arab blogger noted: "To Arab and Muslim supporters of Obama: he does not want your support. He has made that clear. Please leave him alone."

I am reminded of these still so relevant words of brother Malcolm (audio) - listen and learn.


DrMaxtor said...

Remember how Muslims were supporting Bush back in 2000?

Khalid said...

Article that sums up the entire state of the relationship between Obama and social climbing Americanized Muslims: