Sunday, August 03, 2008

down memory lane

Do you all remember the Progressive Muslim Union North America? Here is how google remembers them - how very apt! All that remains is an abandoned web site that google posts a warning about.

Take heed - Quilliam Foundation, Radical Middle Way, and other such projects - if you don't change your ways, then this the future that awaits:

Their flagship online rag - Muslim Wake Up is also more or less dead, and abandoned:

Google is running their worst spam type ads. on that site:


ajsuhail said...

I am glad to note that this movement has lost a lot of steam in the past one year.MWU is also almost closed.

Incidentally,I invite you to visit my new blog.

publicdebate said...

Thanx for the info. on MWU - have updated this post.

Khalid said...

salaam aleikum,

this is actually not as much good news as it may seem. These rats will now scatter from the sinking ship and try to ingratiate themselves into mainstream Islamic groups and pass themselves off as serious and authentic Muslims. With MWU and PMUNA you could find a gathering spot where all the munafiqs and their supporters all gathered.


DrMaxtor said...

Asalam Aliakum,

Nice post. Khalid is correct, the munafiqs are down but not out. Its been a very busy month but I hope to post an update on the usual suspects, including the ultimate guide to the Danish hate cartoons.

Khalid said...

salaam aleikum,

as I had predicted, these "pro-regressive" munafiqs will repackage and regenerate themselves under new names and new organizations yet push the same pseudo Islam garbage.

Tony Blair, after his alleged conversion to Catholicism will be holding an event in Los Angelas alongside a pro-regressive (Salimah Abdul-Ghafur) and none other than "sheikh" Hamza Yusuf:

If you go to the blog of Ms. Ghafur here:

all of the same names and faces so wonderfully exposed on this blog are there.

The irony is that it will be held near an anniversary of a major Iraq anti war demonstration that was held 5 years earlier.

this merits a new post.

salaam aleikum,