Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the latest futile attack

Muslim Matters writes on the latest efforts of the neo-colonialists' attempt to distort Islam, in this case, yet another vulgar attack on the Prophet (pbuh).

It is interesting, as the article notes, that the proggie AltMuslim website (edited by Shahed Amanullah) interviewed the author, and even encouraged readers to buy this filth.

Sherry Jones’ interview with AltMuslim is apparently meant to allay suspicions,soothe tempers, and encourage us all to read (to buy!!!) her book before making judgments on it.

Click here to read the article.

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my dear brothers and sisters, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than offensive cartoons, preposterous videos, and poisonous essays published in national newspapers written by ignoramuses lacking even a shred of personal moral fibre (yes, I mean you Johann Hari), in comes the latest volley in the attempt to character assassinate our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and his family.

Amongst those coming to the defense of the author of this obscenity is none other than the notorious Asra Nomani, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

Literature moves civilizations forward, and Islam is no exception

That sentence says it all about the proggies, and their neo-colonial orientalist friends: First, to even regard this filth as "literature" suggests something is seriously wrong with Nomani's understanding of Islam (surprise surprise).

Then she also suggests that Islam is a civilization, no Nomani, Islam is a deen, it is a way, a religion - it may (or may not - depending on its followers) inspire civilization, but it is not a civilization. Our understanding of Islam may deepen, or it may remain shallow, or remain stagnant...


Islam does not move forward or backwards, or sideways - it remains a Religion as revealed by Allah. And within Islam, as a revelation, as a guide to humanity, there are bounds within which we humans are expected to live.

It is the liberals who refuse to acknowledge that there is indeed halaal (what is allowed and even encouraged, so that humans may fulfill our potential) and haraam (what is disallowed and discouraged, so that humans don't lose our humanity) for Muslims, and indeed for all humanity. Giving up on these bounds, the liberals then feel "free" to go about calling pornography "literature."

It is unfortunate that Muslims go on the defensive when we get attacked this way. There is no reason to feel that way - we should respond clearly, unambiguously, and without any hesitation - and expose the hypocrisy of these attackers on Islam, and their defenders.

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