Monday, January 26, 2009

Rand Muslims in Pakistan

The author in this article goes on a rant about "wahabbis" in Pakistan, and comes up with a solution to "resist" so-called fundamentalism. The Rand Report has articulated that the US could co-opt so-called "sufis" to be on their side.

As has been the intent since its writing, the Randists want to subvert resistance to a violent empire - and Rand Muslims would be happy to see Muslims surrender to the Zionists, and allow them to take over the deen and Muslim societies.

The politically moderating effect of Sufism was recently described in a RAND Corporation report recommending support for Sufism as an "open, intellectual interpretation of Islam." Here is an entirely indigenous and homegrown Islamic resistance movement to fundamentalism, with deep roots in South Asian culture. Its importance cannot be overestimated. Could it have a political effect in a country still dominated by military forces that continue to fund and train jihadi groups? It is one of the few sources of hope left in the increasingly bleak political landscape of this strategically crucial country.

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