Tuesday, April 07, 2009

boot kissing Muslims

Check out a series of posts by Malangbaba on some Muslims who don't seem to get it that you don't kiss the (US government/FBI) boots that kicks you.

One needs only look at the historical role of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to know that it is a racist and anti-democratic organization which has repressed any and all communities of color, or dissenting communities, and in particular during times of Imperial wars abroad. In fact, the tactics being used by enforcement agencies against the Muslim communities, were practiced and perfected on the Black, Latino, Asian, Indigenous, labor-rights, and civil rights communities under the auspices of COINTELPRO in the 60s and 70s, not to mention the general racism and repression doled out from before and since then.

The only respect gained has been for the very similar gatekeeper and collaborationist organizations which have sold out the rights of their communities in exchange for having a "place at the table" with authorities.

At a time when the US government is waging war in multiple Muslim countries, directly, covertly, or by proxy, and acting like a modern-day pharaoh, is the duty, and moral obligation, of Muslims to be like Musa (as) or to be like Qarun?

The need for changes within the Muslim communities is long overdue, and this change can only come when Muslim community members, Imams, activists, and masajid start making it clear that not only do these Muslim organizations not represent us, but also that we seek our source of power and security from Allah, and in conjunction with other oppressed communities, like Musa (as) and not from those in power, like Qarun.

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Anonymous said...

If you don't like CAIR and MPAC, then give suggestions on what orgs. people should follow (for civil rights). CAIR and MPAC are great organizations that are working hard to ensure a better future for American Muslims.