Monday, September 13, 2010

Tariq Ramadan opposition to Park 51 - for the wrong reasons

Tariq Ramadan, interviewed on Democracy Now expressed his sympathies for the bigot Islamophobes and recommended against the Park 51 project from going forward:

So, in my position, if this is a symbol—and we have to listen to this collective sensitivity of the Americans after what happened in September the 11th—is to say, look, on that, we can understand. We are not accepting anything which has to do with, you know, a free Muslim zone, but we should listen to what is said and what is felt.

Ramadan's position is confused, to say the least, and anyone listening and/or reading the transcript can see that obviously enough. Essentially what he says is that while Muslims should continue struggling for our rights, we must also try to understand Islamophabia, and not thread on this "collective sensitivity." It is like saying to the attacker: "I'm so sorry I hurt you with my presence, let me go ahead and move back to the back of the bus" an apology for being Muslim.

And it is also very similar to Feisal Abdul Rauf's statement:

Muslims need to understand and soothe Americans who fear them, the imam said; they should be conciliatory, not judgmental, toward the West and Israel.

All the time we are supposed to ignore the horrendous crimes committed against Muslims by the US/British regimes.

Ramadan at the close of the interview does mention that the Park 51 project is supported by the US State Department, but this is, of-course, not the reason for his opposition.

I think that I would just take—you know, something which is to consult the community. I think that it was a project on his own he was going to have and supported by the State Department, supported by other religious communities, and there is a lack of internal communication. I think that this is where the problem started.

To understand this position, we would like to remind our readers that Tariq Ramadan is not all that different from Feisal Abdul Rauf: Ramadan was an advisor to the criminal Blair regime and serves a similar function as that of Rauf. The difference is that Ramadan did (at one time) have a significant following in Europe, Rauf on the other hand focused almost all of his energies on acting on behalf of the US regimes.

IF the Park 51 project should go ahead at its present location, it needs to be inclusive of the Palestinian, anti-war, and other social justice groups. And Feisal Abdul Rauf, being a US regime's spokesperson, should be removed from any and all leadership positions. Opposition to Park 51 should not be based on lending a sympathetic ear to bigotry.


Gambit57 said...

There is an even more direct link. This was from a leaked report to Rupert Murdoch's Times Paper in the UK showing British intelligence services wanting and wishing to promote:

* Tariq Ramadan
* Amr Khaled
* Suhaib Webb

Under the now defunct 'Contest' strategy i.e. whitewash british and american foreign policy for the reasons why terrorism is happening.


Open question as to why they would be so keen on promoting these individuals and for whose interest they are actually speaking and working for?

Anonymous said...

Muslims today ALL over the world in 49 countries are butchering, enslaving and raping. The are burning churches and temples, killing christisna and hindus and other faiths.
Why dont muslims refer to this when they harp on about how bad they are treated in the west (as they claim their housing benefit and social security)..they are a right shower of liars. cheats and murderers.
Yes, not all muslims are terrorists but when there is enough of them we are supposed to hand our countries over to them so they can enslave us in sharia..this is ALL fact.