Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Park 51: A manufactured controversy

While I think the article below accurately analyzes the geopolitical aspect of this manufactured controversy, I would caution readers with regards to other aspects, because it relies too heavily on reporting done by Asra Nomani who, as regular readers of this blog will remember, is not exactly a credible source, and herself has a background in manufacturing controversies (she was one of the main forces around the Amina Wadud led Friday prayers manufactured controversy.)

Asra Nomani:

"If not america, where else? America has a history of bringing human rights to the world, of bringing social justice to the world. It is obviously from america that muslim women should do this."

It could be that Feisal Abdul Rauf and his friends (that includes Asra Nomani) may be looking for a scapegoat in this affair, and may use the developer, who initially paid for the site, as an excuse to back out.

The plot hatched maybe thick, but Muslims should focus on opposing Islamophobia, and at the same time raise issues about the legitimacy of "leadership" exercised by Abdul Rauf, his wife Daisy Khan, and their circle:

The entire ‘911’ Mosque controversy has been made into world news by CNN and other select media. The US head of the military command in Afghanistan, General Petraeus got into the fray with a plea to the Florida pastor not to burn Korans, a move which naturally led several other wanna-be preacher bigots to say they too planned to burn Korans on the ninth anniversary of the World Trade Center event. The President, Barack Obama, got into the act by praising the building of the mosque as a symbol of Americans’ religious freedom and tolerance.

At the end of the day it all fuelled a “Clash of Civilization” tension across America, and had the convenient effect, whether the mosque is built on the site or not, of reinforcing the US Government version of the collapse of the World Trade towers on September 11, 2001, namely that the destruction was carried out by two commercial hijacked jets being deftly rerouted into the two towers. And that the Boeing jets had been allegedly hijacked by 19 Arab students, armed only with paper box cutters, who had just been trained at a Florida flight school to fly small Cessna-size private planes. By keeping alive the myth of the “Second Pearl Harbor,” as George W. Bush once called 9/11, perhaps some people such as Barack Obama or General Petraeus hope to keep attention on the need for US military occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan, or even spreading the war beyond Afghanistan.


Asra Nomani said...

Dear PublicDebate,

Thank you for reading my work and sharing it with your readers. There are a number of points that I would be happy to clarify for you, if you'd like to pose any specific questions to me.

While, on a number of issues, I may have a point of view about which I am very open in my writings, I would politely differ with you about your characterization of my work.

Nonetheless, thank you for being in conversation.

Best, Asra

Anonymous said...

Below is part of my thedailybeast
dialogue with Asra Nomani.Asra ignored all mention of the Israelis of ICTS International who allowed Richard Reid to board his flight with his alldged shoe bomb
on American flight from De Gualle Airport shortly after 9/11.If ICTS Israelis had not allowed him to board in the first place Daniel Pearl would have had no reason to be in Pakistan to investigate him in the first place !
reply from AsraNomani

Dear TonyRyals,

Honestly, I don't really get where you're coming from. But, sadly, I never visited Israel with Danny. I went after Danny's murder with my family, after we had completed the hajj in Saudi Arabia. I had a gun pointed to my head as I walked through the checkpoint to get into the Dome of the Rock, where I wish all people could pray.

It's easy to level conspiracy theories upon others. But I would gently suggest that the truth is far often much more boring. Right now, my highest priority is figuring out how to get my son weighed in for the "ankle biter" divison of tackle football and still get to Kings Dominion with a friend on Sunday. Boring.

I'm not part of some grand conspiracy. I agree Mansur Ijaz is an interesting character. One day, I will pick up the phone to do a reported profile on him.

Until then, thanks for writing, Asra
1:40 am, Sep 9, 2010
Also as far as I can tell Asra should admit that she, as well as NY Mayor Bloomberg, were duped by the scum Sharif El Gamal behind the 9/11 mosque,not us. Does she agree that money behind the mosque should not be investigated ? Does this mean she also believes her fellow Moslem Mansoor Ijaz,involved with her in the death of Richard Pearl, should not have his Crescent Hydroplis and Crescent hedge fund in New York investigated ? No doubt NY Myor Bloomberg would discourage an investigation of Mansoor Ijaz as he is opposed to an investigation of 9/11 mosque funding or that of the Sheikh of Dubai who owns a quarter of NASDAQ now !

Again Asra Nomani should give her reasons for her silence re Mansoor Ijaz and his being instrumental in getting Daniel Pearl beheaded and to explain why she is helping cover up his murder and Richard Reid 'the shoe bomber's' activities in both Pakistan as well as Israel where he was alowed to fly to Israel visit Hamas with the help of Israeli ICTS International who also were responsible for the 9/11 WTC terrorism for allowing Mohamed Atta et.al. to board at Logan Boston on 9/11/01.Asra is still covering up and not reporting Mansoor Ijaz stock frauds and money laundering ops as well.
Why Asra ?