Saturday, August 25, 2012

Electronic Intifada exposes House Moslem Shahed Amanullah

"Shahed (Amanullah) currently serves as Senior Advisor for Technology for the US Department of State, working on digital diplomacy projects in the Office of the Special Representative to Muslim Communities Worldwide, which reports directly to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

 Mr. Amanullah is one of a number of self styled "leaders" who do not represent anyone, nor are they in touch with Muslim sentiments, but have been hand picked by the US State Department as advisors on Muslim affairs. Mr. Amanullah is also the founder of the online rag AltMuslim.

 "Hours after The Guardian announced it had dumped Joshua Treviño, a Senior Advisor at the US State Department (Shahed Amanullah) publicly defended the disgraced columnist, despite the fact that Treviño had openly called for, and gloated over, the murder of US civilians and called for acts of desecration offensive to Muslims in a series of controversial tweets."

 This is Shahed Amanullah's tweet wherein he calls Joshua Trevino his friend (could you imagine a senior advisor at the US State Department calling a Muslim, who made such statements about Jews or Christians, his or her "friend?") The guy would be fired before he could say tweet.

"The writings of my friend @jstrevino (Joshua Trevino) deserve to be engaged, not suppressed..." (Shahed Amanullah of altmuslim - and Senior Advisor at the US State Department reporting directing to Hillary Clinton).

"How long would Amanullah last at the State Department if he urged “engagement,” with Reverend Jeremiah Wright or Minister Louis Farrakhan, Americans whom President Obama has publicly rejected and denounced?

Indeed, Obama even had an American, Anwar al-Awlaki, and his 16-year old son,extrajudicially executed, for the elder al-Awlaki’s views."

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