Sunday, September 09, 2012

Al Qaeda in Syria --- are "moderate" Muslims having a change of heart?

Remember Ed Husain? No? Well just click on the link... The guy was one of the most vociferous voices against "extremism" amongst Muslims and interpretations of Islam. The dude teamed up with the British government to create a "moderate Islam" outfit (check the link above for more information). These days he is a senior fellow with the Council of Foreign Affairs.

[More on Ed Husain here: Ed: With Friends like these

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So here is his recent piece on Syria - where he acknowledges that Al Qaeda is part and parcel of the western backed bloodshed now taking place in the region:

For Syrian opposition soldiers, the al-Qaeda fighters are welcome Arab and Muslim volunteers, mujahideen, religious brethren who call themselves Jabhat al-Nusrah li-Ahli al-Shaam (Front for the Victory of the Levantine people), among other names. Not since the days of the Afghan jihad against the Soviets has global jihadism found this rare combination of native Sunni Muslim hospitality, a powerful cause, available cash, eager Arab support, Western acquiescence, and the constant arrival of young Muslims to fight under its banner to create an Islamist government. While exact numbers of jihadist fighters are hard to come by, it is a fact that in every crucial battle of the last three months, from Aleppo to Homs to Deir al-Zor to Damascus, al-Qaeda has been prominent.
OK so, by now it is common knowledge that the western backed "uprising" includes Al Qaeda... this is known and acknowledged by everyone (maybe excepting some Obama loving liberals, who cannot imagine that Obama would be supporting this nefarious extremist outfit... remember the chants of USA USA USA - when they repeatedly lauded themselves for the assassination of OBL? LOL! Little do they bother to realize that new OBLs are being created with US/NATO backings...)

But here is the interesting part, while Ed Husain (The great champion of "moderate Islam" - anti-extremist etc. etc. ) acknowledges the role of Al Qaeda here is how he comes to terms with real true extremism (not the bogus nonsense he was spouting in Britain):

There are no easy options in Syria. We cannot credibly ask the FSA to jettison its bravest fighters (Al Qaeda) while we refuse to send Western troops.
Really...? "we" (US/Western backers) cannot demand FSA to stop including Al Qaeda in its ranks? Really....? Al Qaeda? (Fact is that there would be no FSA without Al Qaeda, but that requires another analyses in another place).... And lets continue:
Al-Qaeda’s and the West’s interests merged in Afghanistan against the Soviets; Will they do so again in Syria? And will our common enemies — Hezbollah and Iran — hold this unmentionable alliance together after Assad?
Oh my... Have to hand it to Ed Husain he is telling the truth here... indeed the west's interest and Al Qaeda's interest have indeed merged in Syria! The great upholder of human rights has merged its interests with some of the most rotten extremist and sectarian terrorists: Al Qaeda. And all that Ed Husain (the great "moderate") do is close with a whimper:
No, because that same history teaches us not to ride the al-Qaeda tiger: It will soon enough turn on liberal Arabs, the West, and Israel. In Syria, with or without Assad, the only certain result will be the presence of al-Qaeda’s offshoots. We are yet to grasp the consequences of this reality.
No, Ed Husain it is you, you may not have grasped that reality, many of us have fully grasped this reality: That Al Qaeda and the extremist terrorism and sectarianism is a western imperialist creation, and that they will be used again and again to inflict massive damage on independent Muslim nations. And in the same vein - "moderate" "progressive" types, such as yourself, are also an output of that same production line - just the flip side of the coin. You see, now "moderate" "progressives" are soon to go out of style - as the flip side of that same coin once again become allies of the people you been hangin' out with... What will you do? Muslim "leaders" are already beginning to line up to join up ... will you, O' great moderate, join up with 'em?

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