Thursday, November 11, 2004

Is being Muslim an ethnicity?

An important concern regarding the PMUNA is that it considers itself inclusive of "cultural" and "secular" Muslims. Tariq Ali, who has publicaly stated that he is not a Muslim was also invited to be on the advisory board.

This raised the question of how Muslim was being defined by the PMUNA:

An NPM member states:

...but i continue to be confused on many points one being the seeming development of a muslim ethnicity. a moroccan friend complained about this trend several years ago and i was unable to see what he was talking about but in the last few weeks it is throwing itself in my face.

what is a muslim? a one point i thought it was a common belief in God, that we all agreed as a point of departure in our life journey in la illaha ill allah, but that seems to be false. are we going the way of the jewish tradition. there are spiritual jews of various types, cultural jews, atheist jews....that seems to me to be the big tent pmu is building...
And another important contribution:

In the Name of God, the Gracious, the Dispenser of Grace

To include "Muslim atheists" defies the purpose of the organisation as I see it and wastes what has been achieved.

There is a fundamental difference between a progressive agenda _within_ Islam and one that sees its purpose in _overcoming_ Islam. If someone doesn't believe in the fundamentals of the faith (the existence of a single supreme God, ultimate judgement etc.), then the only sensible aim must be to get rid of it. What's the point in 'reforming' something that doesn't have any substance? "Islam" as a mere cultural identity is pointless.

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