Thursday, November 11, 2004

Who can join the PMUNA?

Following up on the above conversation on what being a Muslim means in the context of the PMUNA, the question is asked who can join the PMUNA?

An NPM list member writes:

As has been said already, it IS necessary to define what we mean by progressive Muslim. And that means first defining 'muslim'. I do notbelieve that atheists are Muslims. Sorry. I have lots of friends and comrades who are atheists. I respect them for their work and they style respect me for mine. But they wouldn't pretend to be 'Muslim' or 'Christian' - because they are not. Being Muslim means surrenderingone's self to Allah. If one does not believe that Allah exists, then how does one still call one's self a Muslim. And at least one of the names Isaw on the list of people invited to be on the board is an atheist.

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