Saturday, November 13, 2004

Links to most of NPM discussion removed - summary remains

An uproar took place on the Network of Progressive Muslims list because of the public display of comments that were considered to be private. Names and e-mails of those not associated with the PMUNA were initially removed.

However, according to administrators of NPM - there was a prior agreement that comments appearing on NPM would not appear in public without the author's consent.

With respect to the admin. of NPM - the links to the discussion have been removed -only comments of those individuals who've given their consent will now appear. Comments will re-appear as folks give their consent...

You can read a summary that highlights the main points of concern. And you can read several comments that have been re-added with consent of the authors... So, read on ...

And stay tuned for further developments... :-)

Happy Eid Mubarakh! :-)

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